Small Game by Blair Braverman
No Plan B by Lee Child and Andrew Child
A Restless Truth by Freya Marske
R. I. P. D. 2 by Universal 1440 Entertainment Presents
The Good House by Produced by Jane Rosenthal, Berry Welsh, Aaron Ryder
Ainbo by Cinema Management Group Presents
White Horse by Erika T. Wurth
Edge of the World by Samuel Goldwyn Films Presents
Tom and Jerry Snowman's Land by Turner Entertainment Co. and Warner Bros. Animation
For the Love of Christmas by Directed by Karlton T. Clay
Someday, Maybe by Onyi Nwabineli
Cupid's Christmas by Directed by D. B. Dickerson
The Whittiers by Danielle Steel
Neom by Lavie Tidhar
The Choice by Nora Roberts
A Very Merry Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams
The World We Make by N. K. Jemisin
The Prisoner by B. A. Paris
Tom Clancy Red Winter by Marc Cameron
Judas 62 by Charles Cumming
The VIbrant Years by Sonali Dev
What Does Consent Really Mean? by Written by Pete Wallis and Thalia Wallis
Not That Bad by Edited by Roxane Gay
Asking for It by Kate Harding
No VIsible Bruises by Rachel Louise Snyder