Extension Services for Schools

Get books delivered directly to your school!

School media specialists in Carroll, Douglas, Haralson, Heard and Paulding counties can get books delivered directly to their school to meet assignment needs through Extension Services.

How it works

To get started, contact Extension Services to set up an institutional account for the school.

Once an account is setup, the media specialist can request items several ways:

Requesting items

You can request specific items (“I need 5 copies of Cat in the Hat”) or be more general (“I need 3 different non-fiction books about cats”). Please make sure to include the following information with all requests:

Contact Extension Services:

Kristin Limbaugh

Assistant Director
Youth Services & Literacy

Delivery and Pick-up

Once items arrive at the WGRLS Regional Office, Extension Services staff check out materials to your institutional account and a courier delivers them to your school.

When done, just call or email, and our courier will pickup the items.

Special Check-Out Periods

Institutional accounts receive longer loan periods than personal accounts and do not accrue any fines.

Ready to get started?